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Seagate’s marketing, branding, and partner co-branding assets were spread out across the corporate web site, intranet, FTP sites, and various vendor and staff PCs. They needed a centralized place for all marketing and design assets to be hosted, shared, and maintained.

I designed a portal that would manage tens of thousands of files spanning a variety of media, including collateral, signage, Flash interactives, video, media kits, sales presentations, as well as the source artwork files used to create these assets.

This is a secure global portal, providing single-signon access to Seagate staff and partner portal users, as well as access to graphic design and print vendors worldwide. Features include:

  • Interface and content managed in 18 languages, including Arabic and multi-byte Asian languages
  • Easy management of user and document access permissions
  • Integration with the Seagate MDF eStore,, and Omniture

Lead Agency: Crimson Marketing
Development and Hosting: Specific Impulse Inc.