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For years, newspapers have seen print advertising revenue plummet, while the likes of eBay, CraigsList, Groupon, and hundreds of digital disruptors were eating their digital lunch. Newspapers have assets that any startup marketer would yearn for: a brand trusted for generations, deep roots in the community, content that garners rapt consumer attention, and sales staff with rolodexes and relationships with local business advertisers.

Can newspapers leverage their brands, content, and relationships to cash in on the rising tide of online advertising? I put my digital marketing strategies to the test at iMedia Revenue. We enable our clients to sell a mix of digital advertising products, including content marketing (infomercials and advertorials), email newsletter sponsorships, business directory listings, online and mobile coupons, social media packages, and a host of other digital products and services. iMedia Revenue’s clients have reaped significant rewards from these digital strategies.