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Being the tactical delivery VP in a strategic marketing consulting firm run by MBAs, I thought I’d be the least qualified partner to make strategic marketing contributions. But as a communications and content specialist, I focused on content marketing strategies to demonstrate thought leadership in our practice areas. Content marketing has many forms, but ultimately, you have to position yourself as an organization that delivers truly valuable insights.

I spoke at conferences, presented strategies at business forums, provided workshops to companies like Seagate and Microsoft, blogged in Crimson’s Achieve Market Leadership blog, and managed the white papers, studies, and reports offered through Crimson’s corporate web site. I even did a show on “Digital Design for eCommerce and Online Communities” on, the Internet radio channel dedicated to digital marketing. This was broadcast live from the floor of Moscone Center, where I was chairing the Social Media track for Online Market World 2007. When you do a good job of content marketing, clients (and journalists) seek you out!