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From 2000-2006 I designed, managed, and maintained the digital properties for Harmonic Inc., one of Silicon Valley’s largest broadband equipment manufacturers, including the corporate web site, online product catalog, partner and staff extranet, and email campaign system.

As information architect and digital product manager I developed a self-publishing control panel using a template design approach that separated graphic design from content and data, making future design updates painless and inexpensive.

Sales tools included an eLitKit system for delivering document collections with complete track-and-trace auditing, a product catalog CD-ROM builder, an email campaign system, as well as page-dotting site analytics for tracking web site visitor activities and email campaign performance.

The secure, audience-profiled extranet connected Harmonic to over 200 partners worldwide, allowing members to subscribe to product information across a wide range of topics and taxonomies, from industries and solutions to technologies, product lines, and geographic regions.

Collaborator: Specific Impulse CTO Dr. Chester Regen